Critique dans le fanzine web American OI

Published on September 11, 2014,

Une bonne critique dans le American Oi , allez jeter un coup d’oeil ! Merci à eux!
A good review in the American OI, check this out! Thanks to them !

Moonstomp / La Gachette – United, Split MCD (2014)

Now here’s an odd combination, Moonstomp (not to be confused with the classic US Oi! band) from Indonesia get in the ring with the Canadians La Gachette for a four song bout where both bands perform two songs each. Sounds like something you expect to be released on 7” vinyl, but label La SHOW Box choose for the ‘old school’ approach of a single-CD in a carton sleeve.

Up first are Moonstomp with their two tracks “Hard Work For Hard Life” and “Kick For All Bastards”. I was already familiar with this band through the “Oi! Made In Indonesia” compilation and some tracks bassist Agan sent me online, but I don’t recall those tracks running me over like a friggin’ bulldozer like these two songs do! Really powerful, in your face streetrock from the isle of Java! Is that “Working Man” debut CD out already? Because after hearing these tracks I want a copy of that album a.s.a.p.!

La Gachette rounds this CD-single up with their two tracks “Matricule 728” and “Montréal”. From this release these guys are the veterans and have been around since 1998, but to be honest I never heard of this Montréal punkrock outfit before. A pity, because this is a more than welcome introduction to this band. Strong but melodic songs with lyrics completely in French make me want to spin this CD over and over again, because I love me some French punk and Oi! music!

I personally don’t buy a lot of CD’s anymore, but for this one I would make an exception. Better idea is of course if La SHOW Box, or another label, picks this up and release it on vinyl, because both bands and all four tracks deserve it!

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